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The world of indie games created by creators and users

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The Easiest Game-Developing Tool in the World

Punkland helps you easily create and service online games without knowledge of programming, servers, or databases. Create your own game!

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Available in Any User Environments

Users can play games developed in Punkland without complicated procedures. Enjoy games with a few clicks from any device, whether it's a desktop, mobile, or even tablet.

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Make Money with Your Games

In Punkland, you can gain revenue by applying various profit models such as adding ads or in-app purchases. Popular game developers earn thousands of dollars a month. You can also be one of them!

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punkland FAQ

A. Just like our slogan says, our game development tool allows anyone to create their own games without coding.

A. Punkland Studio is completely free!

A. Punkland's predecessor, Nekoland, had over 610,000 cumulative downloads and had generated over 3.4 million USD in revenue as of 2020.

A. Punkland Studio is compatible with Windows PCs, and games can be published through it to the web or mobile.

A. Punkland Studio is most suited to making MMORPGs, but PvP games, platformers, and arcade-style games can also be made.

A. You can find more information in the official Punkland docs, and you can also check out our Discord where Nekoland developers share their resources and opinions.

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