Project C - 2022
by lnsanity
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Game Introduction
Join our discord for lots of game previews! List Updated on 03/March/2022 Project C Features: • 6 unique starting classes: Archer, Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, Mage, Priest. Each class has it's own unique custom stats, 8 different skills and unique passive. (And more to come!) • Classes have their own name colors (ex. Warriors will have a red name, Archers green camo name and etc..) • Ranged classes have auto aim on certain abilities to make it easier for them to hit targets. • Class skills are organized by colors and levels. Display information about the skill and are unlockable as you level up. • Titles, Player level and Combat Power show up next to your character name. • Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting systems implemented! • Classes have different skins to differentiate you from everyone else! • Challenging level grind. If you want to be the strongest you will have to work for it! • A fully working global marketplace where you can buy items from other players or sell yours! • Upgradable warehouse system! • Strengthening of items up to Lv. 10 based on rng! • Item Batch selling by item category! • Hud potion script! • Working PvP area and rankings! (Duos, and squads will be implemented as well!) • Detailed Party information (HP/MP of each member show up on screen when a party is created). • World Boss events that spawn at a specific time in certain areas! • Dungeons will give you very good loot and have bigger chances of dropping legendary gear. They are also filled with traps that will force you to be careful as you progress! • Bosses are smarter, faster and get stronger as they take more damage! • Pets can be renamed, level up like players and have unique skills and custom stats! • Rewarding quests! • New collections that will give you plenty of rewards and rare items! • Huge maps with different atmospheres, animated sprites and sound effects. It will never get repetitive! • Monsters, skills and more will have sound effects to provide you with a rich gaming experience! • Many QOL improvements and little extras added to the game. Never P2W! *List to be finished* Join our discord for game progress news, images/videos and more Information! Game to be released in the near future!
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