Lands Of Plenty(Beta)
A yet to be a great grind, interaction, collection and adventure game! v0.06 tons of new items!, news places to explore and mobs to kill, sound effects, other improvements... quite a big update!
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PL4Y3R This game is awesome, but are 2 problems which you need to fix. The shadows archer are spawing harder which the drops rate will be harder and I have a lot of Ouftit -dark, but I can't sell and I can't drop. If you have time to fix, if not, take your time.
janaro76 can u update the game add more boomerangs more weapons more swords and some more food plz update plz
tehSmile Seems like SomeD00D is the only guy who puts effort into their Nekoland games.
KentLou The bug will just occur when large amount of seeds are planted. Large amount farming can cause lag and bug.
KentLou You should refund my 6k gold because the farming system is bugged. I bought 600+ seeds and turned into 273 wheats. 6k just turned into 3k
Xurszus must say very cool. one of most intresting simple rpgs i play good job
SomeD00D @Xurzus ATM ... not really, but will start working on it again some time soon.
Xurszus btw working on on game?
Xurszus m8 thats only game here i spend 2 hours in it
SomeD00D to make games, you need to get NekoLand game engine on a computer.
thenameo how i can creat a game?